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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Hobby And Google Adsense

Actually there is no more specific of my hobby, but I try to use my desire in blogging as my hobby, there are many benefit when I write a content, make a notes or tell about my activity what I did yesterday as diary, in addition blogging also is possible to earn money from some earning program, Google Adsense is one of them, Google will pay publisher who publish ads from Google and pay them (publisher) per click unique, so not all clicks will be paid by Google, where are Google money sources? Google get it from advertisers who want promote their business in Google network, all publishers and advertiser should obedient on Google policy or Google Terms Of Service (TOS), as publisher, publisher is forbidden to click his own ads, because it is a cheat and fraud, if they did it, Google will banned their account, that's all I can share... have a nice day :)

Tetap Semangat Ya (Bahasa Indonesia)

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