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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Alhamdulillah, I Have Accepted for Working

My note, an experience that will inspiring for the the reader (hopefully)...

After I decided to stop working as marketing in a bank, then I applied so many application and sent so many CV. I admit that  I got invitation for test and interview.. first test that I followed for first time since I resigned was from WF SMU, but unfortunately, I was not one of pass candidate from the test.. Hmm I still focus and positive thinking that better job would be coming..

Having did not pass the test, at several time  I called for the test in an English Course, wow amazing, I thought it was the answer of my praying, confidently I followed the test, the test itself has three section, written test, interview and last microteaching...

First test about English skill regarding to grammar, reading, structure, and listening skill. While interview more revealed and explored about speaking skill, and again I passes this test. The last test ranged about two week after previous test, The micro teaching test to measure capability in teaching... this was the final test, and Alhamdulillahirobil 'alamin I passed the test, even there were so many notes for me in order to make better for next teaching.

to be continued ..........................

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